Making Small Cell Work In The Real World

The high number of small cell installations can be taxing on network engineers, especially considering the newness of this technology. That is why integration is so important. The close proximity to other sites also brings many challenges. One way to minimize issues is to have a thorough testing process. Sweep test, PIM test, and drive tests are all vital to insure the site commissions correctly. But not all things can be perfect, and that is why on site integration is recommended.

To have staff ready to react when a site goes live is important to the overall success of the project. That way, issues that arise can be addressed quickly at the field level. This little difference can turn a choking site into a hiccup! Accurate closeouts are also a must, as the sheer number of sites can be cumbersome if the company hired to perform is not properly staffed.


  • Sweep test
  • PIM test
  • Drive test
  • Volume of sites
  • Accurate
  • Closeouts
  • On site integration

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