Site inspections are often overlooked until an event occurs. That event could be a transaction to add a tenant, or perhaps a sale of the tower. Up to that point, most sites are nothing more than aging assets producing a fixed income. But the opportunity to add to the infrastructure and thus, increase revenue usually drives the need for inspection services. How accurate your assessments are can lead to either additional opportunities or a dead end.

It starts with mount mapping, to know down to the nuts and bolts, exactly what you have on each mount. From their it rolls to carrier mapping, so that as a provider you know precisely what equipment you have attached, and which direction it is sending signal. As an owner, you need to know the whole picture of every piece on your structure. Ultrasounds are also an important part of inspections. This can uncover unseen problems that could end up being catastrophic. But knowing of the problem affords you the opportunity to overcome it before it becomes an issue.


  • Mount Mapping
  • Carrier Mapping
  • Tower Mapping
  • Ultrasounds

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